Plupload/Flash on Windows Chrome won't work if <DIV> inside a table #276

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Using Plupload on Chrome 11.0.696.57 (current as of today) for Windows, jQuery 1.5.2, jQuery-UI 1.8.10.

If the Plupload

is not inside a table, it works just fine. If I merely place the
inside a table cell, the Flash plugin will never activate. With a runtimes such as "flash,silverlight" after a long amount of time (15+ seconds?) eventually Silverlight will activate. I only see this on Chrome for Windows. On other Windows Browsers (Firefox, Safari) Plupload/Flash starts just fine. On my Mac Chrome (same version) Plupload/Flash starts without a problem.

For now I've changed my runtimes to "gears,flash,silverlight" to get around the issue.



I have a similar issue, when using only 'flash' runtime, the div which holds the 'design' (plupload_wrapper) in not appended to the selector, only the div which contains the object is appended.

But if I set width and height to the selector, it works (on other runtimes I don't have to set width and height and they work..).

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@cotko, can you post an example of code that causes problem?

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