Upload progress events keep firing when calling uploader.stop(); after server closed connection #299

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When I make my server terminate the connection with the uploading client, and then call uploader.stop() on the uploading client, upload progress events keep firing until an IO error occurs (takes thousands of progress events, about 5 seconds).

This is with the Flash uploader on Ubuntu 10.10 Chrome 11.x (stable).

To my surprise this is all the stop method seems to do:

                  stop : function() {
            if (this.state != plupload.STOPPED) {
                this.state = plupload.STOPPED;                  

So, I figured the actionscript code would listen to this StateChanged event so that it would stop the ongoing upload process, but I cannot see such behavior anywhere: https://github.com/moxiecode/plupload/blob/master/src/flash/plupload/src/com/plupload/Plupload.as

Has this stop method even been implemented fully or am I missing something? It appears to have no effect.

DandyDev commented Aug 3, 2011

Well, I suppose it will stop the next file in the queue from uploading, but it doesn't stop the current file sadly. I was looking for exactly the same functionality :(

@DandyDev: correct. It seems like these kind of issues are not being resolved or looked into either.

I'm looking for a different library, not with much success though.

DandyDev commented Aug 5, 2011

@tommedema: That was exactly my experience as well. I've looked for many (javascript)uploaders to replace the SWFUploader that is being used atm in a project I work on, but none actually do the trick. One of the criteria is overall accessibility, and that's where plupload excels. HTML5, Flash etc, all work. Sadly Plupload is, as a colleague of mine calls it, "a live alpha marketed as a reasonably finished and usable product".

@DandyDev, your colleague has a talent for putting things rightly. I'm afraid we're in the same boat.

It might be an idea for companies like the one you work for to collaterally invest in these kind of open source projects, which have a lot of potential, but lack manpower and commitment.

@jayarjo jayarjo added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 27, 2011

@jayarjo jayarjo Html5/Flash: immediately stop upload, and cancel queued chunks if chu…
…nking enabled. As suggested in #438. Closes #438, #392, #299.

jayarjo closed this Dec 27, 2011

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