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Upload not working on Chrome 21.0.1180.77 using HTML 5 runtime #609

lioledingue opened this Issue · 7 comments

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It seems the new Chrome update has broken the upload for HTML5 engine.
This is what I get in my console view either for your sample (, or with my own code on my home webserver:

POST plupload.full.js:2
G plupload.full.js:2
B plupload.full.js:2
w plupload.full.js:2
j.runtimes.Html5.j.addRuntime.init.p.bind.t plupload.full.js:2
g.Uploader.g.extend.trigger plupload.full.js:2
t plupload.full.js:2
g.Uploader.g.extend.start plupload.full.js:2
c.fn.pluploadQueue.each.j.bind.m jquery.plupload.queue.js:1
c.event.handle jquery.min.js:63

Of course this was working well few weeks in the past.


Same issue with Chrome 23.0.1235.0 canary.
Ok with Firefox 14.0.1


I see this as well, but only with chunked files. If it doesn't need to split it, it works okay.

Version 22.0.1229.14 beta-m


True. It works also for me without chunks.
But indeed, without chunks the component is useless.
Very strange I can see this issue only at home.
Works successfuly at work, in my family, and so on.
Still searching why this is happening on specific devices.


I'm having the same problem with Chromium Version 20.0.1132.47 Ubuntu 12.04 (144678) and FireFox 15.0.1.


I have a fix in #629, please check whether that fixes your issues.


Thank you for your try, but the issue is still the same as described initially.
Tested on Chrome 22.0.1229.79

With Firefox 15 it's okay, but I prefer Chrome :/
And by the way, I wish I would understand what's going on ?
It's working fine at work with about the same configuration.



Hi all,

For me this bug is still open, but maybe not related to plupload component after all.
Today I discovered a use case to reproduct it, and a use case to avoid it.

I finally figured out what is different here at home, than at work or elsewhere.
At home, I have a NAS (Synology), and all my personal files are stored on it.
I have various network drives directly connected in my Windows Explorer, and I use to drag files from there to Chrome.

The issue appears when the file to upload was created on the NAS logical network drive, and it seems to work if the file to upload was created on the computer's hard drive.

So I'm gonna dig a little more in my NAS and rights managements, or Chrome switches.
For me you can close this bug, it's a NAS or a Chrome bug.

Best regards,

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