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The Flash and Silverlight runtimes both triggers the Error() event with the IO_ERROR code when they receive an HTTP response code >= 400. The HTML5 runtime gives an HTTP_ERROR code when this happens. Would it possible to make the Flash and Silverlight runtime do the same ?

Also, as an added bonus, it would be nice if the HTTP_ERROR included the HTTP response status and body when it's sent to Error().

I found the following thread on the forum: http://www.plupload.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=54 but was unable to find a bug report here. I apologize if I've just gone ahead and duplicated another one.

Oh yeah, and great tool, thanks :D

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I think Flash throws the error internally so it's might not be possible to grab the response. But I will investigate this see if it can be done.

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Looks like this one got fixed? Or no?


I'm also curious about this. I would like to get my own error handling to work but I can't get what I want just the generic io error.


Yeah, this is biting me in the ass now also. Trying to post to a REST API which is of course returning >= 400's on errors for user submission errors.

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This has been addressed in Plupload 2. 400+ status code are properly reported now, however returning response body in the Error event is not always possible. Flash and Silverlight runtimes depending on the mode are not able to access it. I still consider a suggestion though to somehow make it available when possible or maybe introducing another required feature that will auto-switch Plupload into the mode that supports this and filters out the runtimes that do not.

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