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Upload a big files some chunks fall #657

cokuna opened this Issue Nov 27, 2012 · 3 comments

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cokuna commented Nov 27, 2012


we have a Problem, if user upload a file bigger than 150mb some parts missing, the file is not fully loaded. We have tested in two servers, only one of them has this trouble, although the servers settings are equal, except that access to the problematic server is via proxy.

I canceled upload and copied log infos
Please look on lines 328 - 335 here is something strange. Also some values percent are conversely.
34% ... 35% ... 34% ... 38% ... 38% ... 39% ... 38% ... 42%

my best regards


runtimes: 'html5,flash,silverlight',
url: '/uploadtool2.php',
max_file_count: '1',
max_file_size: '10000mb',
chunk_size: '20mb',
flash_swf_url: '/webupload/js/plupload.flash.swf',
silverlight_xap_url: '/md/webupload/js/plupload.silverlight.xap',
drop_element: true,
dragdrop: true,
multipart: true,
multiple_queues: true,
multipart_params: {},
unique_names: false,

@jayarjo jayarjo added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 24, 2013
@jayarjo jayarjo Introduce max_retries option, which will retry upload (of chunk or fi…
…le) exactly that many times before reporting it failed. Address #657. Update moxiecode/moxie@752174d.
Moxiecode member
jayarjo commented Feb 24, 2013

In Plupload 2 we now have added a new option max_retries, which by default is set to 0 (do not retry). You can set it to bigger number and Plupload will retry upload of the failed chunk that many times, before reporting it failed. We've also got rid of numbering chunks and started to use actual offset, so that chunk will not be simply appended to the partial temp file, but will be written at an exact offset inside it.

Any better suggestions are welcome :|

@jayarjo jayarjo closed this Feb 24, 2013
srees commented Jan 5, 2015


I'm modifying the Drupal 6 plupload module for an installation that requires chunking of multi-GB files. We recently a user complaining of large lost portions of files, so it started me down the path of what may have happened and how to fix it.

I've modified the module to work with the latest plupload library. However, I don't find any examples that address how to properly handle chunking on the server side. To be clear, does handle them, but does not appear to address the file offset that you speak of here. I also do not see any method to address retry of a failed chunk. How does the client side know the chunk failed and to resend it? And is there any sample code to address putting the chunk at the correct offset? I'd also like to know how plupload reports a failed chunk.

cokuna commented Jan 5, 2015
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