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e.g: in the events.html example, if we remove the style attribute and also the content from the container element, the flash fails to initialize in FF and Chrome as the height will be 0px. Setting min-height and min-width solves the problem.

@LeandroJF LeandroJF setting min-width and min-height as flash runtime do not initialize w…
…hen there's no content in the container (FF and Chrome)

I ran into this issue before seeing your pull. I think not setting "height: 100%" in the first place is slightly better than setting min-heights. (eg: IE7 doesn't know how to handle min-height). I believe width/min-width is unrelated to this issue.


agree that IE doesn't understand "min-height" but IE treats "height" as "min-height", so this problem doesn't happens in IE, so no need to worry. And about "min-width" is to avoid problems when people put "width: 0px" on the container without knowing that flash won't initialize.

jayarjo commented Jan 27, 2013

This has been addressed in Plupload 2. We make sure that container has enough height/width for Flash to initialize.

@jayarjo jayarjo closed this Jan 27, 2013
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