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Fix: Flash Runtime doesn't load in Chrome on Windows and Linux (PluploadQueue) #539

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Related to/fixes issues: #532 #262 (and probably #276)

A container with no content and height 100% caused an inline style of "height:0" to be applied, which prevents the widget/queue from initing.

#532 fixes this issue by setting min-height and min width to 1px.

I fix this issue by not setting the height (letting it be auto). It seems that the heights are set to pixel values later on, so the "auto" assumed value gets overwritten.



I'd like to see this pull, or at least some other kind of warning thrown when plupload is being called on an empty div. Right now the page "hangs" for about 15 seconds, before throwing a meaningless error. I didn't know I /had/ to provide replacement content, or flash would fail to load.

I think this pull is better than #532 because it allows the user to use the CSS from a stylesheet to set the min-height and min-width if they so desire. The other solution would override the stylesheet min-width/height with inline styles.

Plus, mine is less code.


I want to clean up my hub, and I see that the related bug #532 was addressed in Plupload 2 so this pull is also irrelevant.


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Commits on May 18, 2012
  1. Fix: Chrome (Win/Lin) bug that causes the flash container to have no …

    Jeremy Ebler authored
    …height and not load
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  1. +1 −2  src/javascript/plupload.flash.js
3  src/javascript/plupload.flash.js
@@ -111,8 +111,7 @@
top : '0px',
background : uploader.settings.shim_bgcolor || 'transparent',
zIndex : 99999,
- width : '100%',
- height : '100%'
+ width : '100%'
flashContainer.className = 'plupload flash';
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