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Red Light Green Light policy for moxie-elf GNU toolchain
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This is a Red Light Green Light policy repo for the moxie-elf GNU toolchain.

Red Light Green Light (rlgl) is a general-purpose, git-centric policy evaluation and enforcement tool. In this case we are using rlgl to evaluate the results of a DejaGnu testsuite run. This allows us to document and annotate test failures as we work through fixing them. We also use the rlgl output to catch regressions from a baseline by calling out all of the known problems at a certain point in time.

The nightly moxie-elf GCC test runs use this policy with the hosted rlgl service at Results are posted to the gcc-testresults mailing list here: . Look at recent moxie-elf test results for GREEN or RED policy checks, and the corresponding links.

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