Recursively iterates over collections arrays and objects
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Recursively iterates over arrays and objects. The iteration is made using a deep-first algorithm.


$ npm install deep-for-each

This library expects the host environment to be up-to-date or polyfilled with core-js or similar.


import deepForEach from 'deep-for-each';

    prop1: 'foo',
    prop2: ['foo', 'bar'],
    prop3: ['foo', 'foo'],
    prop4: {
        prop5: 'foo',
        prop6: 'bar',
}, (value, key, subject, path) => {
    // `value` is the current property value
    // `key` is the current property name
    // `subject` is either an array or an object
    // `path` is the iteration path, e.g.: 'prop2[0]' and 'prop4.prop5'

    console.log(`${path}:`, value);

Running the example above will print:

prop1: foo
prop2: [ 'foo', 'bar' ]
prop2[0]: foo
prop2[1]: bar
prop3: [ 'foo', 'foo' ]
prop3[0]: foo
prop3[1]: foo
prop4: { prop5: 'foo', prop6: 'bar' }
prop4.prop5: foo
prop4.prop6: bar


$ npm test
$ npm test -- --watch during development


Released under the MIT License.