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Moya is a platform for the rapid development of modern web applications.


You can install from PyPi with the following:

pip install moya

Or download the repos and run the following:

python install

Which ever method you use, this will add a moya command line application.

Quick Start

Moya quick start will create a basic web application based on your specifications in seconds.

Run the following to get started:

moya start project

Example Projects

In addition to the example projects directory in the Moya repos, you can check out the following complete projects:

Running a project

Navigate to the project directory you want to run, then do the following:

moya init

This will initialize the database and users system. You only need to do this once.

To run a development server, do the following:

moya runserver

And navigate to

Package Index

Find packages for Moya on the Moya Package Index.

Install packages moya-pm which comes with Moya:

moya-pm install moya.sociallinks

More Information