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* Initial release
* Rounded corners now available. Client API must be updated.
* Milestones widget added
* Fixed opening a link to a new page for an iframe
* Fixed logging of characters which are not in the 128 unicode range
* Milestones tab
* Fixed notifier in production.
* Added class for rolling updates.
* Added anonymous user to all clients
* Logging and account updates are now done via taskqueues
* Logging key name is randomized for higher write throughput (still limited by incremental time stamps on indexes though)
* Added view milestones for user console
* Ability to delete users, but not the anonymous user
* Motion charts for badge analytics
* Setting appname with env variable
* Loader image on waiting for users to delete and to see more.
* Updated documentation
* Preview badges for trophy case
* Preview for rank
* Preview for Points
* Ability to award users points/badges from console
* Ability to add users and delete users from the console
* Updated documentation
* Fixed initial look for analytic charts that don't have data
* Ability to remove badges
* Fixed image centering for milestones widget
* Error checking for awarding users
* Drop down menu for awarding badges
* Text field for user entity on anything that has to be over 500 characters