A bash script to ease upgrades of the Chromium web browser on OS X
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Chromium Upgrader for Mac OS X

Chromium is a free open source Web browser based on Webkit and represents a credible alternative to Chrome, the Google Web browser.

While Chrome offers built-in automatic updates, Chromium.app strangely doesn't: you're supposed to download manually the latest build, unzip it and replace your previous version with it. As it may sound dead simple at first glance, this task can become especially boring when done on a daily basis. So this script will try to upgrade to latest OS X Chromium build on your system via the command line.


I suggest installation to be done in /usr/local directory.

$ cd /usr/local
$ git clone git://github.com/n1k0/chromium-updater.git getchromium
$ ln -s /usr/local/getchromium/getchromium.sh /usr/local/bin/getchromium

Last, don't forget to add the execution bit to the script:

$ chmod +x /usr/local/getchromium/getchromium.sh


Run it that way:

$ getchromium

CAUTION: The script will replace your previous installation of Chromium.app. Make backups if you're paranoid. Anyway, your profile will ever be safe because it's stored elsewhere on the system.


Warning: quick and dirty homemade script. At least, works on my box =)

The script is intented and only intended to be used on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x) but might be ported to other *n*x OSes. Feel free to send any patch or pull request if you want to contribute enhancements.