An OpenID Connect implementation for account login using on Meteor.
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Login with Biocryptology on Meteor.


Use the command line terminal in your project directory.

$ meteor add accounts-base
$ meteor add mozfet:accounts-biocryptology


Create settings-developement.json and settings-production.json in app project folder. Use sandbox clientId and secret in settings-developement.json. Use live clientId and secret in settings-developement.json. Do not upload unencrypted settings-production.json to source code repositories for security reasons.

In settings-developement.json add:

  "biocryptology": {
    "wellknownConfig": "",
    "loginStyle":  "popup",
    "clientId": "your-dev-client-id",
    "secret": "your-dev-secret",
    "scopes": ["email", "openid"],
    "claims": ["given_name", "family_name", "prefered_username", "locale"],
    "callbackUrl": ""

Note that on a local host environment the callbackUrl is needed to defined your external IP and an open inbound port where your DEVC server is running. You will also need to use a VPN in order to run locally so that your external IP resolves for the callback from the authentication server.

In settings-production.json add:

  "biocryptology": {
    "wellknownConfig": "",
    "loginStyle":  "popup",
    "clientId": "your-prod-client-id",
    "secret": "your-prod-secret",
    "scopes": ["email", "openid"],
    "claims": ["given_name", "family_name", "prefered_username", "locale"]

Note that in PROD you should not specify the callback URL, it will be detected by automagically by Meteor.


Login using client side code:


Logout using client side code: