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Update to indicate that the names of some files in our subr…

…epositories differ only in case, but that doesn't seem to cause problems when building on an OSX case-insensitive file-system.
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@@ -56,6 +56,12 @@ Of course, you'll need the g++-4.6 package installed.
* ccache
* autoconf-2.13 - brew install
+Note: Some B2G subrepositories contain files whose names differ only in case.
+Amazingly, the build seems to work properly on OSX case-insensitive file
+systems, despite this. But if you do |./repo status|, you'll see lots of
+spurrious "modified files" corresponding to these pairs of files whose names
+differ only in case. Try not to worry about it.
## Configure
Run to get a list of supported devices:

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