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1 parent efd4afc commit 4791ced00c9b6a5658cd67e626a87f1e8760bf30 @jlebar jlebar committed Dec 10, 2012
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@@ -150,6 +150,11 @@ flash_heimdall()
# Delete files in the device's /system/b2g that aren't in
# $GECKO_OBJDIR/dist/b2g.
+# We do this for general cleanliness, but also because determines
+# whether to use DMD by looking for the presence of in /system/b2g.
+# If we switch from a DMD to a non-DMD build and then | gecko|, we want
+# to disable DMD, so we have to delete
# Note that we do not delete *folders* in /system/b2g. This is intentional,
# because some user data is stored under /system/b2g (e.g. prefs), but it seems
# to be stored only inside directories.

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