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Merge pull request #5 from lissyx/bug832638

Bug 832638 - Setting correct for /dev/s3c-mfc
latest commit eae47627b2
@michaelwu michaelwu authored
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factory-images Distributables for IMM76D
include Camera: move AF polling code from driver into HAL
libaudio libaudio: increase audio buffer size
libcamera libcamera: record GPS coordinates with greater precision.
libhwcomposer don't return an error when SF turns the screen off
liblight device/samsung/crespo: remove LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE
libs3cjpeg device/samsung/crespo: remove LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE
libsensors sensors: Remove workaround for lightsensor driver bug
libstagefrighthw remove unneeded library dependency
nfc Update EEPROM for FW 109.12, and enable low power polling retry mecha…
overlay Removing wallpaper overlays for crespo (Bug 5506089)
recovery am 90dc253: am 8164eab: am d9e2146: Add additional statements to acce…
sec_mm Revert "Fix ANR in"
self-extractors organize scripts with per-version sections to avoid merge conflicts Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. Remove the deprecated "crespo" build configuration Clean up AOSP-related stuff wifi: Define proper path to use wifi_get_fw_path() Replace vendor specific NfcGoogle.apk with generic Nfc.apk
asound.conf Fix issue 3119463.
bcm4329.ko new kernel + wifi prebuilt
blob-shasums Add script
board-info.txt Merge
cypress-touchkey.kcm Upgrade to new key character map format.
cypress-touchkey.kl Update Crespo keymaps. Move some files to the open-source side Remove some unnecessary/missing files Add script
egl.cfg Allow software renderer auto-generated blob-handling scripts
extract.rc Add script Set ril quirks in build time
gps.conf Move some files to the open-source side
gps.xml Move some files to the open-source side
herring-keypad.kcm Update Crespo keymaps.
herring-keypad.kl Fix keylayouts for ICS.
init.herring.rc Make plugin-container executable
init.herring.usb.rc init.herring.usb.rc: Move some common USB configuration logic to init.rc
kernel new kernel + wifi prebuilt
media_profiles.xml Fix for 5603113 profiles and levels in media_profile.xml are not matc…
media_profiles_korea.xml Update media_profiles_korea.xml so that it recognizes resolution-base…
mxt224_ts_input.idc Update touchscreen configuration.
mxt224_ts_input.kcm Fix keylayouts for ICS.
mxt224_ts_input.kl Fix keylayouts for ICS.
nfcee_access.xml Allow wallet to use NFCEE on crespo and crepo4g.
nfcee_access_debug.xml Replace vendor specific NfcGoogle.apk with generic Nfc.apk
nvram_net.txt Move some files to the open-source side
recovery.fstab new soju partition map moves cache to MTD allow use of old radio.img name too, to build incrementals correctly
s3c-keypad.kcm Upgrade to new key character map format.
s3c-keypad.kl Update Crespo keymaps.
samsung_mfc_fw.bin Move some files to the open-source side
sec_jack.kcm Upgrade to new key character map format.
sec_jack.kl Update Crespo keymaps. Clean up AOSP-related stuff
system.prop adjust paths for /vendor/... and add kernel from vendor/crespo
ueventd.herring.rc Bug 832638 - Setting correct for /dev/s3c-mfc auto-generated blob-handling scripts fix permissions
vold.fstab Changes to support the new improved vold encryption support
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