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Merge pull request #289 from asutherland/nuke-before-install

Bug 978012 - [email] Remove dead/obsolete GELAM-built JS blobs and fix GELAM to clean out ext/ before installing. r=mcav
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asutherland committed Mar 3, 2014
2 parents 5fa3736 + 559877c commit 550c813ff716f1bc73a689555eb92ecd36b17d43
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@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ $(DEP_NODE_PKGS): $(TRANS_NODE_PKGS)
OUR_JS_DEPS := $(wildcard data/lib/mailapi/*.js) $(wildcard data/lib/mailapi/imap/*.js) $(wildcard data/lib/mailapi/smtp*.js) $(wildcard data/lib/mailapi/activesync/*.js) $(wildcard data/deps/rdcommon/*.js)
install-into-gaia: clean gaia-symlink $(DEP_NODE_PKGS) $(OUR_JS_DEPS)
+ rm -rf `readlink -n gaia-symlink`/apps/email/js/ext
node scripts/copy-to-gaia.js gaia-symlink/apps/email

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