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Commits on Aug 5, 2015
  1. @asutherland
  2. @asutherland

    Merge pull request #394 from asutherland/imap-bisection-endts

    asutherland authored
    Bug 1188216 - [email/IMAP] Bisection logic should maintain open-ended endTS values. r=mcav
  3. @asutherland

    Bug 1188216 - [email/IMAP] Bisection logic should maintain open-ended…

    asutherland authored
    … endTS values.
    The revised test fails without the fix and passes with it.
  4. @asutherland

    re-enable startTS/endTS checking

    asutherland authored
    We had disabled this because it had originally been broken and the rationale
    was that if we needed it back, we'd fix it up.  And so this is me fixing it
    up for the next commit.
  5. @asutherland

    Show "null" instead of "[...]".

    asutherland authored
    The typeof check was catching null since it's "object" for typeof purposes.
Commits on Jun 3, 2015
  1. @asutherland

    Merge pull request #391 from asutherland/bleach-comments-fix

    asutherland authored
    Bug 1170473 - Accept dumb/illegal comments for the sake of content. r=jrburke
  2. @asutherland
Commits on Jun 2, 2015
  1. @asutherland

    Merge pull request #390 from asutherland/bug1169589-folder-depths

    asutherland authored
    Bug 1169589 - [email/backed] Folder depths are wrong because of mismatched argument call lists and type coercion. r=mcav
Commits on Jun 1, 2015
  1. @asutherland

    Bug 1169589 - [email/backed] Folder depths are wrong because of misma…

    asutherland authored
    …tched argument call lists and type coercion.
    - Implements "folderConfig" support for hoodiecrow, which we had previously
      punted on.  See the speculatively landed/released 0.41 at:
    - Updates test_imap_create_folders.js (which was where I introduced
      folderConfig) to be run now.  I did a minor hack enhancement where if we
      get a "NO" to our createFolder command and the message includes "already"
      that we treat it like we got an ALREADYEXISTS.  This was important because
      imapd would say ALREADYEXISTS (after my changes? before?) but hoodiecrow
      does not yet do this.
    - Fixes a bug in logic.js where we wouldn't start listening for events until
      a future turn of the event loop.  (If this seems familiar, I'd raised a
      point on this and you'd reworked the code to avoid the problem, but the
      normalization with a "|| Promise.resolve()" at the top defeated a check
      further down.  I've punted on the "not" case because I like keeping future
      me on his toes.
    - Improves the logic.js logging for the debugging scenario by:
      - logging failed matches on timeout as a proper event
      - JSON stringifying the expectation on mis-match.  This probably would be
        better as a full event, but this change is a big improvement over seeing
        "[object Object]".
    - Adds a new non-legacy test (using folderConfig) that fails without the fix
      and succeeds with it.
    - The fix for the depth bug.
Commits on May 3, 2015
  1. @mcav

    Merge pull request #388 from mcav/reportError-master-2

    mcav authored
    Bug 1145473 - [email/backend] MailAPI's bridge-processing logic may brea...
  2. @mcav
Commits on May 1, 2015
  1. @mcav

    Merge pull request #387 from mozilla-b2g/revert-382-reportError-master

    mcav authored
    Revert "Bug 1145473 - [email/backend] MailAPI's bridge-processing logic ...
  2. @mcav
  3. @mcav

    Merge pull request #382 from mcav/reportError-master

    mcav authored
    Bug 1145473 - [email/backend] MailAPI's bridge-processing logic may break.
  4. @asutherland

    Merge pull request #386 from asutherland/thanks-and-so-long-travis

    asutherland authored
    Disable travis; we now use only taskcluster. rs=mcav
  5. @asutherland
  6. @autolander
  7. @asutherland

    Bug 1158447 - fix SMTP dot-stuffing. r=mcav

    asutherland authored
    Our use of Blobs for sending was bypassing the smtpclient dot-stuffing logic,
    so we need to perform dot-stuffing ourselves in the SMTP case.  And only in the
    SMTP case; we ActiveSync and IMAP APPENDs use the same logic, and neither of
    those want dot-stuffing!
  8. @autolander

    Bug 1158567 - merge pull request #384 from asutherland:variants-in-su…

    autolander authored
    …mmary to mozilla-b2g:master
  9. @asutherland

    Bug 1158567 - put the variant type in summaries. r=mcav

    asutherland authored
    This makes the assumption the logic-inspector was making a valid one.  (It
    was already a reasonable one.)
  10. @autolander

    Bug 1160304 - merge pull request #385 from asutherland:upgrade-test-f…

    autolander authored
    …ailure to mozilla-b2g:master
  11. @asutherland

    Bug 1160304 - Fix test_storage_upgrade.js ordering

    asutherland authored
    I had already fixed a similar problem for other uses of expect_unread, but this
    seemed to have recently been pushed into being a reliable failure.
    There was also a missing "var" declaration in a for loop in the logic the test
    tests that was not directly involved in this failure, but which is a good idea
    to fix.
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @mcav
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @mcav

    Merge pull request #379 from mcav/replyto

    mcav authored
    Bug 1152683 - Reply-To header ignored because mailbridge... r=asuth
  2. @mcav

    Bug 1152683 - Reply-To header ignored because mailbridge tries to use…

    mcav authored
    … an array value like a singular value.
Commits on Mar 31, 2015
  1. @mcav

    Merge pull request #378 from mcav/hoodiecrow

    mcav authored
    Bug 1042217 - [email/backend] Switch to using hoodiecrow fake IMAP/SMTP servers. r=asuth
  2. @mcav
  3. @mcav

    Merge pull request #377 from mcav/logic-tests

    mcav authored
    Bug 976850 - [email/backend] Refactor GELAM tests. r=asuth
  4. @mcav
Commits on Feb 28, 2015
  1. @autolander

    Bug 1128739 - merge pull request #375 from jrburke:bug1128739-email-s…

    autolander authored
    …tartup-refactor to mozilla-b2g:master
Commits on Feb 27, 2015
  1. @autolander
  2. @autolander

    Bug 1057310 - merge pull request #376 from KevinGrandon:bug_1057310_c…

    autolander authored
    …onsolidate_switch_statement to mozilla-b2g:master
  3. @KevinGrandon
  4. @asutherland

    Bug 825318 - Support registering downloads with the download manager.…

    asutherland authored
    … r=jrburke
    Back-end support for registering with the mozDownloadManager web API and its
    adoptDownload method.
    This also includes some minor testing changes to allow the SOLO_FILE argument
    to "make post-one-test" to keep and filter using the file extension so that
    when doing SOLO_FILE=test_compose.js we don't also run files like
    test_compose_blob.js and test_compose_detach.js.  This allows for faster
    testing and less confusing reporting.  (We would run the other tests but not
    report them because of the way the "post" part of the step ran.)
    This also includes a fix for Bug 1111724 - Handle text/* attachments correctly.
  5. @asutherland

    Merge pull request #373 from asutherland/uidnext-message-seq-obo

    asutherland authored
    Bug 1083355 - Fix message sequence number off-by-one ordinal/count error. r=mcav
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