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Gaia Node Modules

This repository contains all of the necessary node modules for gaia. By placing them in Github we can reduce failure rates by only relying on a single source for our code.

Updating gaia-node-modules

  1. Create a fork of this repository.
  2. Update package.json.
  3. Update the node_modules folder by running: npm cache clean && npm install --ignore-scripts
  4. Commit everything.
  5. Submit a pull request, tracked against a bug at: You don't need a special bug just for this change; you can reuse whatever bug is trying to fix the underlying problem.

Updating gaia

  1. After the gaia-node-modules pull request lands, update the gaia_node_modules.revision file in gaia to reference the new revision.
  2. Also update the package.json in gaia so they don't get out-of-sync.
  3. Submit a pull request, again tracked against a bug at: