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Merge pull request #24903 from punamdahiya/bug1076158_v2.1

Bug1076158-[Video]-Fix of options button not responsive on the first touch r=wilsonpage
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rvandermeulen committed Oct 10, 2014
2 parents acf42f3 + 3f33155 commit cf8cbc192232987958dfc44f298f7ebc00fcc3cc
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  1. +1 −2 apps/video/index.html
@@ -83,10 +83,9 @@ <h1 id="thumbnails-number-selected"></h1>
<section role="region">
<gaia-header id="player-header" action="back">
<h1 id="video-title"></h1>
<a id="options" data-icon="more"></a>
<button id="options" data-icon="more"></button>
<button id="picker-done">Done</button>
<footer id="videoBar">
<div id="timeSlider">
<span id="elapsed-text"></span>

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