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Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @autolander

    Bug 1165257 - merge pull request #30081 from KevinGrandon:bug_1165257…

    autolander authored
    …_ringtones_template_strings to mozilla-b2g:master
  2. @KevinGrandon
  3. @nullaus

    Merge pull request #30207 from nullaus/bug1165758

    nullaus authored
    Bug 1165758 - Increase timeout for linter task, code base size now re…
  4. @nullaus

    Bug 1165758 - Increase timeout for linter task, code base size now re…

    nullaus authored
    …quires longer timeout. a=testonly
  5. @eliperelman

    Merge pull request #30206 from eliperelman/bug-1167683

    eliperelman authored
    Bug 1167683 - Bumping gaia-raptor to v1.6.1
  6. @eliperelman
  7. @KevinGrandon

    Merge pull request #30172 from dominickuo/bug-1167062

    KevinGrandon authored
    Bug 1167062 - [Music] use mock for navigator.mozSetMessageHandler
  8. @gaye

    Merge pull request #30136 from millermedeiros/1165829-rtl-google-logi…

    gaye authored
    Bug 1165829 - [RTL][Calendar] The heading of Google login page is truncated at wrong side in Calendar r=gaye
  9. @zbraniecki

    Merge pull request #30181 from zbraniecki/1156468-follow-up

    zbraniecki authored
    Bug 1156468 - Update the path to shared to be absolute. r=arcturus
  10. @andreastt

    Merge pull request #30198 from andreastt/bug_1167567

    andreastt authored
    Bug 1167567 - Fix path to Gaia profile in mozilla-profile-builder; r=gaye
  11. @andreastt
  12. @zbraniecki
  13. @gaye

    Merge pull request #30199 from andreastt/bug_1167613

    gaye authored
    Bug 1167613 - Normalise paths in marionette-mocha; r=gaye
  14. @gaye

    Revert "Merge pull request #30197 from gaye/yzen-bug-1154035"

    gaye authored
    This reverts commit db93a22, reversing
    changes made to 1877daf.
  15. @KevinGrandon
  16. @KevinGrandon

    Merge pull request #30159 from KevinGrandon/bug_1166859_communication…

    KevinGrandon authored
    Bug 1166859 - [Communications] Convert string.contains to string.includes
  17. @KevinGrandon

    Merge pull request #30186 from davidflanagan/1164421

    KevinGrandon authored
    Bug 1164421 - autocorrect "im" to "I'm" not "in"
  18. @andreastt
  19. @davidflanagan

    Bug 1164421 - autocorrect im to I'm not in

    davidflanagan authored
    address review comments
  20. @gaye

    Merge pull request #30197 from gaye/yzen-bug-1154035

    gaye authored
    Bug 1154035 - (part 2) turning accessibility checks on by default for…
  21. @gaye
  22. @yzen @gaye

    Bug 1154035 - (part 2) turning accessibility checks on by default for…

    yzen authored gaye committed
    … all passinging Gij tests.
  23. @gaye

    Merge pull request #30196 from gaye/marionette-js-runner@1.1.0

    gaye authored
    Bug 1154035 - marionette-js-runner@1.1.0
  24. @gaye
  25. @gaye

    Merge pull request #30132 from yzen/bug-1154035-1

    gaye authored
    Bug 1154035 - (part 1) folding marionette client arguments into an op…
  26. @alivedise

    Merge pull request #30168 from alivedise/bugzilla/1166595/set-nfc-foc…

    alivedise authored
    Bug 1166595 - Blur the activity opener before opening activity window
  27. @dominickuo
  28. @autolander

    Bug 1163169 - merge pull request #30155 from albertopq:1163169-taskma…

    autolander authored
    …nager-logo to mozilla-b2g:master
  29. @albertopq
  30. @autolander
  31. @begeeben

    Merge pull request #30123 from begeeben/1162918_animation_of_moving_card

    begeeben authored
    Bug 1162918 - [Stingray][Home] Animation of moving card down to folder list is buggy when cardManager is longer than screen, r=rexboy
  32. @alivedise
  33. @begeeben

    Merge pull request #30151 from begeeben/1163507_style_dashboard_app_b…

    begeeben authored
    Bug 1163507 - [Stingray] Style dashboard app background, r=rexboy
  34. @alivedise

    Merge pull request #30153 from alivedise/bugzilla/1166591/leak-browse…

    alivedise authored
    Bug 1166591 - Drop browser element ref when app is suspended
  35. @alivedise
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