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marshall and others added some commits Nov 21, 2012

Merge branch 'master' of git:// into lastU…

David Clarke
Bug: 814140 mozapp needs to be set when iframe is opened. The mozapp …
…attribute cannot be changed or added after the iframe is initialized
Merge pull request #6860 from ochameau/wm-exception@816099
Bug 816099: Fix various exeption when trying to run apps too "quickly".
Merge pull request #6879 from evelynhung/issue-818690
bug 818690 don't try to stop discover mode when bluetooth is disabling.
Bug 814355 - l10n_date.js / pretty dates: support compact formats
l10n follow-up: use 'm' instead of prime for the en-US locale
Fernando Campo
Merge pull request #6830 from fcampo/ftu_wifi_optionalUser
[811062] User shouldn't be optional for WPA-EAP
Josh Carpenter
Merge pull request #6886 from fabi1cazenave/short-prettyDates-followup
Bug 814355 - l10n_date.js / pretty dates: support compact formats
Merge pull request #6880 from alivedise/bugzilla/819206/add-ringer
Bug 819206 - add ringer channel to dialer, r=timdream, a=blocking-basecamp
Merge pull request #6887 from fabi1cazenave/ringtones-followup
Bug 807431 - [Phone] Final Ringtones Need to be Added to the Build, r=21
Merge pull request #6888 from fabi1cazenave/call-followup
Bug 803533 - [Settings] Need call forwarding settings UI, r=julienw
Merge pull request #6889 from fabi1cazenave/apn_custom
bug 807312: include the missing apn_confs_local.xml file, r=21
Merge pull request #6882 from steveck-chung/issue-810465
Bug 810465 - [calendar]Month title in calendar squashed after resuming the calendar app
Bug 810153 - Account creation now blocks until calendar sync.
General bug fixes, improvements to the sync controller.
Merge pull request #6869 from lightsofapollo/calendar-better-login
Bug 810153 - Better login system for calendar
Merge pull request #6865 from gregorwagner/phone
Bug 817563 - [PhoneNumberJS] Remove .eval() from code
Francisco Borja Salguero Castellano
Merge pull request #6745 from ttaubert/sms/bug-816909-focus-input-mes…

Bug 816909 - [SMS] After picking a contact for a new SMS we should focus the message input field
Merge pull request #6864 from lmorchard/817755-week-event-bar-overshoot
bug 817755: Further tweak calendar week event bar height calculation
Merge pull request #6896 from albertopq/facebook-817896
Bug 817896 related - Fixing uitests for
Merge pull request #6560 from marshall/lastUpdated
Bug 809974: Display "Last Updated" date and time in Device Info. r=evelyn

fabi1cazenave and others added some commits Dec 7, 2012

Merge pull request #6899 from fabi1cazenave/bt-pair
Bug 818230 - Pairing does not stop when cancelled from bluetooth pairing page
Bug 818230: Cancel the pair attempt when the user says Cancel and don…
…'t show the error dialog when they do. r=kaze a=blocking-basecamp
Merge pull request #6900 from fabricedesre/3rdparty
Bug 812198 - Add support for preinstalled packaged apps r=vingtetun
Bug 819522: Make the 'content' channel default so that the most commo…
…n use cases continue to work while we await bug 810780. r=sicking a=sicking
Merge pull request #6877 from RudyLu/system/simpin_errorMsg
Bug 818172 - Overrides the building block styles to show SIM PIN error
Merge pull request #6897 from davidflanagan/gallerymemory3
Bug 809782 - remove background-image for offscreen thumbnails
Merge pull request #6839 from benfrancis/818645
Bug 818645 User is unable to scroll entries in the browser's Top Sites, Bookmarks, or History tabs
Merge pull request #6875 from evelynhung/bt-quick-tap
bug 818234 prevent quickly tapping on bluetooth and wifi settings

dscravag added a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 10, 2012

@dscravag dscravag merged commit c2c9bc9 into mozilla-b2g:nightly Dec 10, 2012

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