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import /init.bluetooth.rc
service gonksched /system/bin/gonksched
class main
user root
service fakeappops /system/bin/fakeappops
class main
user root
service b2g /system/bin/
class main
onrestart restart media
service rilproxy /system/bin/rilproxy
class main
socket rilproxy stream 660 radio radio
user radio
group radio system
service nfcd /system/bin/nfcd
class main
user nfc
group system
service sensorsd /system/bin/sensorsd
class main
user system
group system input
on boot
exec /system/bin/rm -r /data/local/tmp
exec /system/bin/mkdir -p /data/local/tmp
# set RLIMIT_NOFILE to increase soft limit from 1024(default) to 2048.
# Hard limit keeps default value(4096).
setrlimit 7 2048 4096
write /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/default/use_tempaddr 2
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