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d0kt0r1 commented Sep 4, 2013

Bug 805476 - Create a logger to put selected messages from kmsg into logcat

dhylands commented Sep 4, 2013

So it looks like your tree wasn't up-to-date when you created the pull request. You should only have your changes.

The other possibility is that your tree wasn't on the master branch, but you have to deliver to the master branch.

I'll go ahead and make review comments anyways, but you'll need to get your tree sync'd up before this can be merged. I'd recommend creating a totally new branch rather than trying to fix this one.

jlebar and others added some commits Jun 17, 2013
@jlebar @d0kt0r1 jlebar Merge pull request #96 from jlebar/b2g-info
Bug 864597: Adding b2g-info, a tool which displays information about B2G processes.  r=dhylands
@d0kt0r1 d0kt0r1 Implemented a service to log with to logcat kmsg low memory killer me…
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