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pass sources.xml to to get source repo links in Breakpad symbols #85

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luser commented Apr 26, 2013

I had to fix a few issues in mozilla-central to get this working, but this gets us source links in crash reports for the Gonk bits of B2G.

Mozilla-B2G member

What path is this? I don't think there's a sources.xml in gonk-misc or the top level directory. There should be one in out/target/product/*/system/, but this wouldn't point there AFAICT.

Our RelEng-hosted builds provide a sources.xml in the root directory:
08:36:49 INFO - Running command: ['cat', 'sources.xml'] in /builds/slave/b2g_m-cen_p_dep-00000000000000/build

If partners or others are doing builds from actual repo checkouts it should be straightforward to make this work for those cases as well. I'm just targeting the cases I know about right now.

Mozilla-B2G member

I don't think they generate sources.xml. Can you see if $(TARGET_OUT)/sources.xml will work instead? QA relies on this file so it should be generated in our builds. AFAICT the way releng generates their file is identical to the way it's generated for $(TARGET_OUT)/sources.xml. Not sure why they don't just copy it.

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