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This repository contains Marionette in gecko extension form, intended for use with FxOS devices. It includes an installation script which you can use, provided your phone is connected via ADB:

source VERSION

Where VERSION is a supported version number, one of: 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, or 2.5.

If you need to install adb, see

FirefoxOS v1.3 through v2.5 are currently supported.

Python Package

This is also the 'marionette_extension' python package. Once you install this package, you will have access to a command line program called install_marionette which you can use like so:

marionette_extension --help

Which will show you what installation options you have available to you.

If you need an example, this is how you can install Marionette on a v1.3 device:

marionette_extension --install 1.3

You can also import the marionette_extension package into your python script and use its install function to install marionette via a script. Example:

from marionette_extension import install
install(FXOS_VERSION, adb=ADBPATH) # Replace FXOS_VERSION with a supported version, and you may use ADBPATH to specify your adb path. If not specified, it will assume 'adb' is on the $PATH

How to add a new version?

  1. Create a new folder indicating your new gecko version

  2. hg clone

Starting now, please reference on the files and folder structure of previous marionette-extension version

  1. Go to mozilla-central folder and find /testing/specialpowers(mozilla-central) and copy them into folder

  2. Copy all the .js files in /testing/marionette(mozilla-central) to

  3. Copy chrome.manifest and install.rdf from previous version of marionette-extension to folder

  4. Copy testing/marionette/components/marionettecomponent.js(mozilla-central) to / and rename it to marionetteextensioncomponent.js

  5. Do this to marionetteextensioncomponent.js:

    1. replace MARIONETTE_CONTRACTID value with ";1"
    2. change the profile-after-change listener to always start Marionette and not be dependent on build flags or command lines
    this.enabled = true;"marionette enabled via extension");
    // We want to suppress the modal dialog that's shown
    // when starting up in safe-mode to enable testing.
    if (Services.appinfo.inSafeMode) {
    this.observerService.addObserver(this, "domwindowopened", false);
    1. change the component name from MarionetteComponent to MarionetteExtensionComponent
  6. request of putting this on pypi for faster installation