A utility for mirroring a subset of npm packages from another npm registry
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npm-mirror is a utility for mirroring a subset of npm packages from another npm registry. It syncs all of the dependencies for a particular node module and writes them to the local filesystem so that a simple webserver can behave like a commonjs compliant package registry.

Notable Caveats

  • Your webserver must be configured to map root requests to index.json files (like bin/npm-server).
  • Git repos will not be synced

Getting Started

npm install -g npm-mirror

DEBUG=* npm-mirror \
  --master http://registry.npmjs.org \
  --manifests /absolute/path/to/target/package.json,/and/another/package.json \
  --hostname http://secret-npm-mirror.com \
  --root /absolute/path/to/download/packages/

// Start webserver rooted in packages directory
// For example...
npm-server --port 80 --path /absolute/path/to/download/packages/

// Give it a whirl
cd /path/to/target
npm install --registry http://secret-npm-mirror.com

A Word About Arguments


a fully qualified url for the master registry's root


a comma separated list of fully qualifed filesystem paths to or http urls for manifest files (ie https://npmjs.org/doc/json.html)


a fully qualifed url at which the mirrored packages will be served


a fully qualifed path for where to put downloaded packages

Test Suite

make test runs the test suite. Unit tests live in test/unit and integration tests live in test/integration. In order for the integration tests to run successfully, you must be connected to the Internet since packages will be downloaded from http://registry.npmjs.org.