Given the properties of a bug in, generate an english language readable status message.
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Bugzilla Readable Status Messages

Build Status

Generate readable, english language, status messages from properties of bugs in

The module exposes a single method, readable, which can be called in a variety of ways:

  • with an object of properties corresponding to a bug's properties.
  • the id of a bug (to be implemented)
  • an array of objects containing bug properties
  • an array of bug ids (to be implemented)


Clone repo to local.

npm install; npm test; npm run demo

For browsers

Install browserify

npm install -g browserify

Run the project's bundle script.

npm run bundle

And load the resulting file into your web page.

<script src="bugzilla-readable-status.js"></script>

To build a minified version of the script,

npm run bundle-min

and then include

<script src="bugzilla-readable-status-min.js"></script>

in your project. A corresponding source map is generated as well.


var readable = import('bugzilla-readable-status').readable;

var status = readable({ id: NNNNNN, status: 'NEW', … });

// => 'BUG STATUS'

var statuses = readable([
        { id: NNNNNN, status: 'FIXED' … }.
        { id: MMMMMM, status: 'NEW' … },

// => { "statuses": [
        { "id": NNNNNN, "status": "BUG STATUS" },
        { "id": MMMMMM, "status": "BUG STATUS" },

var emptyArray = readable([]);

// => { "result": [] }


Errors are returned as objects:

{ "error": "ERROR STRING" }

Unable to Parse

If there's an unrecoverable error while trying to parse a bug, return CANNOT_PARSE_BUG.

No Data

If there are no usable properties or the module can't generate, NO_STRING_FOR_BUG

Errors in Requests for Multiple Bugs

If multiple bugs are requested, and errors are found, the errors are included in the reponse object:

{ "statuses": [
        { "id": "BUG ID", 
          "status": "BUG STATUS" },
        { "id": "BUG ID WITH ERROR",
          "error": "ERROR MESSAGE" }