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This is a set of tools to keep Dylan sane.


Copy config.json.example to config.json

Replace the various Bugzilla_logincookie and Bugzilla_login with values from your browser's cookie list. The easiest way of finding these is the 'Storage' tab of Firefox Dev-Tools

Editing Milestones

The easiest way of running this is with docker and the examples below will showcase that.

It can also run locally, but note that perl 5.28 is required. cpanm, carton, or cpm can be used to install the dependencies.

Below is the command for editing the Firefox milestones on the staging server.

docker run --rm -ti -v "$(pwd)/config.json:/app/config.json" mozillabteam/saneutils \
    ./ --urlbase --product Firefox

This will spawn vim with a list of all milestones for Firefox loaded. If you prefer nano:

docker run --rm -ti -e EDITOR=nano -v "$(pwd)/config.json:/app/config.json" mozillabteam/saneutils \
    ./ --urlbase --product Firefox

The format for the milestones is:

id:0000    100 Milestone 10 [x]

Where id:0000 is an identifier used to track changes to the milestone (such as renames), 100 is the sort key (used for sorting the milestones in the UI) and Milestone 10 is the milestone name. The portion inside square braces ([]) is the active status. It can be either [x] for enabled or [_] for disabled.

The workflow here involves making changes using the text editor, saving the file, and exiting. Any changes made to the file will be applied to the system passed to --urlbase, so if a mistake is made simply quit the editor without saving.

Changes made to the sort key, name, and active checkbox will cause updates to the milestone. Renames of milestones with no bugs are simple renames; renames of milestones with bugs will cause bug updates to happen, so it is advisable to do this with a Bugzilla account that is a silent user.

Adding new milestones is done by adding new lines without the id:XXXX prefix, such as:

2710 Firefox 71 [x]

Note all three elements (sortkey, name, active checkbox) are required.

Finally, deleting lines will cause those milestones to be deleted -- but you cannot delete milestones that have bugs associated.

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