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This CloudFormation stack will automate the creation of a CI/CD pipeline with CodePipeline, CodeBuild and ECR. We intend on reusing this pattern to ensure that we deploy secure and stable container images to our Kubernetes clusters.

We can use this pipeline to enforce certain actions, like building the Docker container and scanning it with Clair to check for known security vulnerabilities. If we want to, deployments can be prevented if a security vulnerability is discovered in the container image.

In addition to the benefits above, I expect to see us address some common security issues by using this CloudFormation stack to create all of our application pipelines. Doing this through code ensures that we repeat best practices when creating resources in AWS. We can promote the good behavior like:

  • Environment isolation: The build pipeline for the SSO dashboard can be completely isolated from the Mozillians build pipeline
  • Granular permissions: If we create pipelines manually, we risk issues like forgetting to lock down IAM permissions. We can avoid this by doing it right once and repeating that pattern
  • Patching: Security vulnerabilities and be found with Clair and additional security checks can be put in place in other stages in the pipeline and then replicated to all ouf our services

Required Cloudformation stack parameters

    Description: The name for the project associated with this pipeline (used to namespace resources)
    Description: The owner or organization for the GitHub project
    Description: The GitHub repository name
    Description: The branch for the GitHub repository
    Description: The OAuth token to access GitHub
    Description: The email address where CodePipeline sends pipeline notifications

Architectural overview

This CloudFormation stack will take several parameters and build isolated resources which are scoped to a single project or application. Today, it will build the following:

  • CodePipeline
    • A Source phase which polls the GitHub repository for changes
    • A build phase (a triggered CodeBuild job)
  • CodeBuild
    • Build the Docker container image from the source repository
    • Run Clair against this container image
    • Note: both of these actions come from the buildspec.yml in the source repository
  • ECR
    • Create a container registry for this specific application
  • An SNS topic associated with CodePipeline for build notifications
  • IAM configuration to allow access to required resources

Known issues

The project is still new and there are some issues that I want to address immediately.

  • Find an alternate method of triggering the CodePipeline source so we do not have to manage a GitHub OAuthToken
  • Modify this CloudFormation to transform it into a valid StackSet
  • Complete the work to integrate Clair and consider providing a Clair buildspec.yml via CloudFormation rather than relying on one in the application's source repository
  • Revise the IAM configuration to grant the lowest level of access required for each resource
  • Integrate testing and deployment phases into each CodePipeline
  • Switch from an email SNS topic to something that can provide Slack notifications
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