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Automatically move certain logins to a specific container, by detecting IAM logins
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SSO Login Container

Inspired from

Automatically redirect certain SSO Logins from Mozilla IAM to a SSO Login container ("send my work logins to a work container").

Note: To learn more about Containers in general, see Firefox Multi-Account Containers.

Status: POC

How does it work?

This extension intercepts login requests from Mozilla IAM that look like an LDAP login, creates a new container if absent, and transfer your login attempt and related cookies (IAM cookies and RP cookies) to the new container, leaving no trace in the default container.

Any time you login from your default container, you will be redirected to the correct SSO Login/work container.


  • Browse to about:debugging
  • Enable add-on debugging if you want to
  • Click "Load temporary add-on" and select the manifest.json file
  • You can also remove or reload or debug the add-on from here.

See for a reference.

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