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Webext to detect and stop phishing attacks that attempt to gather your SSO credentials
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SSO No Phishing

Status: POC

How does it work?

This extension detects your logins to the genuine Mozilla IAM SSO and records a hash representation of your credentials (not the actual credentials). Every time you post data to a website, the extension verifies that it does not contain your Mozilla IAM SSO credentials. If it does and does not match the genuine Mozilla IAM SSO domains, it will warn you that this is probably a phishing attack before continuing (you can choose to ignore the warning at your own risk)


  • Browse to about:debugging
  • Enable add-on debugging if you want to
  • Click "Load temporary add-on" and select the manifest.json file
  • You can also remove or reload or debug the add-on from here.

See for a reference.

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