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List of installable add-ons for the Mozilla IoT Gateway. These are discoverable from the Settings page.

Building Add-ons

The add-on API is described in this document.

Packaging Add-ons

Your add-on should be packaged as an npm-compatible package. If it is written in Javascript and is actually npm-compatible, you can simply package it with npm pack. If not, the layout needs to be the same.

The add-on package should also include a SHA256SUMS file, containing checksums of all included files (other than itself), and it should bundle all required dependencies other than gateway-addon, i.e. your entire node_modules directory. This applies to add-ons written in other languages, as well.

Packages with Binaries

If your package contains any binaries, i.e. executables, shared libraries, etc., you must cross-compile for any architecture(s) you want to support and distribute a package for each. The currently supported architectures are:

  • any: Use this if your package does not contain binaries, i.e. if it's pure Javascript/Python.
  • darwin-x64: 64-bit Mac OS X
  • linux-arm: Linux on 32-bit ARM (this should be built to support armv6, such as older Raspberry Pi generations)
  • linux-arm64: Linux on 64-bit ARM
  • linux-ia32: Linux on 32-bit x86
  • linux-x64: Linux on 64-bit x86
  • win32-ia32: Windows on 32-bit x86
  • win32-x64: Windows on 64-bit x86

Publishing Add-ons to this List

You can submit a pull request or an issue to this project. You must include the following information:

  • name: The package name. This should be the same as in your package.json.

  • display_name: A friendly display name for your package. This will be shown in the Gateway's UI.

  • description: A friendly description for your package. This will be shown in the Gateway's UI.

  • author: Name of the add-on author.

  • homepage: Homepage of the add-on, i.e. the Github repository.

  • packages: An object describing supported architectures and their packages. Each entry should be of the form:

    "architecture": {
      "url": "",
      "version": "x.y.z",
      "checksum": "sha256 of package"
    • architecture: Replace this with the actual architecture (see the previous section).
    • url: A URL to download the packaged tarball (.tar.gz or .tgz) from.
    • version: The package version. This should be the same as in your package.json.
    • checksum: Checksum of the tarball
  • api: The API levels supported by this add-on. This should be the same as in your package.json, so an object with the following 2 properties:

    • min: The minimum supported API level
    • max: The maximum supported API level