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node.js code for probing serial ports.
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node.js class for probing serial ports.

A serial prober is created by instantiating the SerialProber class and passing in a parameters object which contains the following keys:

  name: 'name of prober',
  baudRate: 9600, // baud rate used to talk to device in question
  probeCmd: [0xc0, 0x0d], // array of bytes to send as a probe
  probeRsp: [0xx0, 0d0d], // expected response
  filter: [               // array of filter objects
      vendorId: /0403/i,
      productId: /6015/i,

The filter key is expected to be an array of filter objects. Each filter object will contain keys and regular expressions or strings which will be compared against a serial port object as returned by SerialPort.list(). If all of the keys in a filter object match, then the matching serial port will be opened and the probeCmd will be sent. If the probeRsp is received back within 500 msec then the probe will have passed.

The probeAll method will return a promise containing an array of opened serial ports which passed the filter and passed the probe.

See the serial-test.js test program for an example which will probe for deConz and/or Digi Zigbee dongles.

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