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Simple adapter exposing the texting part of the Twilio API to the Mozilla WebThings Gateway
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A simple adapter exposing actions to send texts through the Mozilla IoT Gateway. Requires a Twilio API account.


On Twilio's homepage click sign up Twilio's homepage, highlighting the sign up button Fill out your account details. Twilio's new account form Verify a phone number with Twilio. This should be the number you're planning to send text messages to using the adapter. Twilio's verify phone number form Click on the Flex project to create a simple base to get an account SID and auth token. Because we're just using this project for API access, it's name and specific details don't matter too much. Twilio's create project page Name prompt in the create project flow With the Flex project created we now want to get to the Twilio Console to get our API access information. I found the easiest way to get to this is to navigate to Take note of the account SID and auth token for configuring the adapter later.

Twilio's console view, highlighting the account SID and auth token fields

We also need to know what phone number Twilio plans to use for us. If we scroll down on this console page, we can navigate to the Phone Numbers section. Like the account SID and auth token, copy down this phone number for later.

Twilio's console view scrolled down to see phone number section

Twilio's phone number section, highlighting the phone number field

Next, we install the Twilio adapter from the addon list. On your gateway, go to the Settings section and click on Addons. Next, click the plus (+) button and scroll down to install the Twilio adapter. With the adapter installed, we can click "Configure" to configure the adapter with our account SID, auth token, and assigned phone number from the Twilio console. Gateway's addon list, highlighting the plus button Gateway's addon list, highlighting the Twilio adapter's configure button Configuration screen for the Twilio adapter

Finally, navigate to the main Things page and click the plus button to add the Twilio thing. Unfortunately it is not currently supported in any rules, but an update to the rules engine should fix this soon. Image of the Twilio Thing's detail page

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