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Python Gherkin Dockerfile
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How to install

For pipenv

dynamic-property-management-module = { version = "*", git = "", ref = "master"}

Must be set

These environmental variables must be set.


Example Usage

**[Initialization should only happen once. The polling 
values will determine if additional polls will be performed.]**
               dpm_service_name = <service name/>, 
               dpm_program_name = <program_name/>,
               dpm_polling_interval = <dpm_polling_interval/>,
               secrets_name = <secrets_name/>, 
               secrets_polling_interval = <secrets_polling_interval/>,
               project = <project/>

**[Pulling Properties]**
property_value = Env.get_property(<property_name/>)

**[Pulling Secrets]**
secret_value = Env.get_secret(<secret_name/>)
>>> from dpm.api import Env
>>> Env.initialize("LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE ABOVE")
>>> Env.get_property("property_key")
>>> Env.get_secret("secret_key")

How to Add a Properties and Secrets

To add properties there is a specific naming convention for the properties blob in secret manager:

dpm-<the name of the service/>-<the name of the program/>-config

Managing Properties and Secrets

In order to create/delete/update/read properties or secrets go here:

You'll have to follow the instructions on how to install and use the CLI tool.

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