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Simple openvpn plugin to do deferred authentication requests
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This is a VERY simple openvpn plugin to do deferred authentication requests.

Why do this?

When doing MFA (multifactor authentication), it is common to require human interaction. That introduces a time delay to the authentication process, and openvpn blocks waiting for a reply. One person being asleep can hang your whole server.


After installing the file, add something like this to your openvpn config:

plugin /usr/lib64/openvpn/plugins/ /usr/lib/openvpn/plugins/

This tells openvpn to use your plugin... and your plugin will fork+exec THAT executable (in this case, a python script) to do the authentication and return success/failure.


There is a build_notes subdirectory explaining the methodology of how to build this plugin. Essentially, how we get from 'sample code distributed by openvpn' to 'our plugin'.


This library's source is shipped under a GPLv2 license, the same as OpenVPN 2.

The plugin is greatly derived from their sample code.

To avoid any license/redistribution concerns, I'd love to use a submodule here and say "get it from their repo". But their git has openvpn-plugin.h as a pre-autoconf .in file. And I COULD have you do it with a lot of autoconf. But then you'd be building against something that wasn't their shipped code.

As such, I've shipped this repo without the .h file. The plugin was tested against 2.4.6 initially.

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