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Android l10n tooling

This repository hosts code to create and maintain the android-l10n repository. It provides both cross-product and cross-branch strings, joining the strings in several strings.xml files from different repositories and branches.

The best way to run this is to create the docker image, and run the process inside a docker container.

docker build -t android-l10n-tooling .


This is the process to transfer strings from the Android project repositories onto the android-l10n strings-only repository.

Outside of the container, you want to have the android-l10n repository. There you should make manual git changes, like changes to the config.toml file. That way, you don't need to set up your git identity inside the container.

We're using android-components as an example on how to update the quarantine branch of an Android project. Adjust the organization and repository name to match the project you're actually working on. Here are the steps, first, fire up the container.

docker run --rm -it -v /src/experiments/android-l10n:/workdir/android-l10n android-l10n-tooling bash

Make sure to adjust the path to your android-l10n repository you have on your machine.

Then, inside the container, run:

create-l10n-branch --pull --repo mozilla-mobile/android-components --branch android-components-quarantine android-l10n/

This should pull a new clone of android-components in your container, and update the android-l10n repository on your machine. It will create or maintain the android-components-quarantine branch.

If you'd like to check the result of the conversion for a local repository state of yours, you want to modify the branch in config.toml, and mount your local clone to /workdir/mozilla-mobile/android-components when starting the docker container.


This is the process to get strings from the android-l10n strings-only repository back into the Android project repositories. These commands are run in the same docker container as for exporting.

Outside of the container, you want to have your project repository, and mount that while running the command. Same goes for the android-l10n repository.

Then, inside the container, you run

import-android-l10n android-l10n/mozilla-mobile/android-components/l10n.toml mozilla-mobile/android-components

The first argument is the l10n.toml for the project as it lives inside android-l10n. The second argument is the path to the local checkout of the project repository.

This command doesn't do anything related to git, so you want to check out a git branch before running it, and add/commit afterwards.

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