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This is a test WebExtension + Experimental API to enable HTTP DNS in the browser, for testing purposes.

How to install WebExtension

  1. Install web-ext npm install -g web-ext
  2. Install the dependencies npm install
  3. Build the addon npm run build

How to run WebExtension

  1. web-ext run --verbose -f Nightly


  1. Run a non-release build (Nightly or Aurora) version 61+.
  2. Set extensions.legacy.enabled to true in about:config
  3. Navigate to about:debugging, choose "Load Temporary Add-on" and select a file from this project:
    • Select manifest.json
    • Select src/web-ext-artifacts/dns_over_https-${VERSION}.zip

You should see a new entry in the list of extensions titled "HTTP DNS".

How to read the states file

The preferences are managed by states-trr.json this is only read by the browsers parent process in the Web Extension Experiment code.

  • "prefTypes": This is a list of the types that we set the preferences to. If a preference isn't already built with Firefox, it's sometimes hard to reason about.
  • "prerequisitePrefs": This is an array of preferences that must not be modified by the user, if they are the addon uninstalls itself without any further modification
  • "statePref": This is where the addon will store it's state "id" from the "states" objects.
  • "states": This is a object, where the keys are the state name used in the code itself. The object:
    • "id" which will be stored in the "statePref".
      • negative id's are used to prevent the code from setting uninstall/disable states when the addon is removed.
      • negative id's should be the final state of the addon after it's removed. (The addon never removes it's "statePref")
    • "_comment": this doesn't have any functional impact, it's expected to contain the reason the user has this state.
    • "prefs": This is an object of the initial values that this state will set.
      • When the state is changed, these prefs will be reset.
    • "persistPrefs": This is an object of the values that this state will set even on addon removal.


  • web-ext
  • Firefox 61+

TODO list

  • Document functions
  • Add tests for unset hidden prefs and public ones
  • Decide if pref setting should be synced across devices
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