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Web Status

Python scripts and PHP Web views used to analyze Web projects based on Gettext (.po), .properties and XLIFF files.

  • app/scripts/ generates a JSON file for all listed projects.
  • app/scripts/ product-id generates a JSON file updating only the requested product-id.

Full command line syntax:

usage: [-h] [--pretty] [--noupdate] [product_code]

positional arguments:
  product_code  Code of the single product to update

optional arguments:
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  --pretty      export indented and more readable JSON
  --noupdate    don't update local repositories (but clone them if missing)


  • Copy app/config/config.ini-dist as app/config/config.ini, adapting the variables to your system:
    • storage_pathis the path used to store all local clones (currently about 1 GB of space required).
    • web_folder indicates if the website is served from a root or a subfolder.
  • Install Composer (PHP dependency manager), either locally or globally, then install the dependencies by running php composer.phar install from the project's root folder.
  • Make sure that git, hg, and python are installed in your system.
  • Run app/scripts/ at least once to generate the data in /web_status.json. If you're only interested in the front-end, you can copy an existing JSON file from a running instance.

Available URLS


Main Web Status view.


Marketplace Stats view.


Simple API requests:

Without an explicit type output will be a list of all supported locales.

A running instance of this project is available at

Structure of the JSON file

Example at:

"locales": {
    "locale_code": {
        "product_id": {
            "complete": true/false,
            "error_message": error messages (string),
            "error_status": true/false,
            "fuzzy": number of fuzzy strings,
            "identical": number of identical strings,
            "missing": number of missing strings,
            "name": pretty name to display,
            "percentage": percentage of translated strings,
            "source_type": type of source (gettext, properties),
            "total": total number of strings,
            "translated": number of translated strings,
            "untranslated": number of untranslated strings

"metadata": {
    "creation_date": creation date,
    "products": {
        "product_id": {
            "name": name of the product,
            "repository_type": type of repository (svn, git),
            "repository_url": URL of the repository

Structure of the config/sources.json file

    "webproject_id": {
        "displayed_name": displayed name,
        "excluded_folders": array of extra folders to exclude,
        "locale_folder": empty if folders for each locale are in the root of the repo
                         path if they're in a subfolder (typically 'locale'),
        "product_id": webproject_id,
        "reference_locale": locale reference code (mandatory only for .properties and XLIFF),
        "repository_name": name of the local folder used to store the clone,
        "repository_type": type of repository (svn, git),
        "repository_url": URL of the repository,
        "source_files": array of file names (typically 'LC_MESSAGES/messages.po')
                        support also wildcards (e.g. '*.properties'),
        "source_type": source type (gettext, properties, xliff)


This software is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0.


Analyze external Web projects (gettext, properties, xliff), generates JSON file used on Webdashboard




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