Firefox Lockbox companion app for Android
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jhugman Select a start screen based upon datastore state. (#249) f=sasha, r=d…

* Route based upon the datastore state.

* Tidy RoutePresenter.

* Tidy LockedPresenter.

* Make unlocking use the `DataStoreAction.Unlock` action, instead of the `RouteAction.ItemList`.

* Fixup tests to work with new DataStoreAction.Unlock.

* logins working asynchronously

* tests working

* Propogate the newness of the credentials

* Fixup lifecycle bug in the most disgusting way possible.

* Move around logic when logging in, in preparation to fix reset problem.

* Make tests run, going back to the disabling Application when running unit tests.

* Ktlintformat.

* Cleanup UserReset to run AccountStore.Reset then DataStore.Reset in sequence

* Cleanup routing to use global actions to ensure backstack is clearing

* ./gradlew check

* Address reviewer comments 1

* Manually implement backstack clearing.

This feels like a hack, but isn't.

* Upgrade navigationController, XXX catch an IllegalStateException

* ./gradlew check
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Firefox Lockbox for Android

The Android application repository for Firefox Lockbox.


This is just one component of the Firefox Lockbox product. Please see the Firefox Lockbox website for more context.

For detailed documentation and installation instructions, please see the docs directory.


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This project is governed by a Code Of Conduct.

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This module is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.

Note that some test fixtures use source code from third-party services, and are not subject to this license.