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Magnet Stories in Ready

In the coming years we are going to be surrounded by more and more things that your device can interact with. Many of these things are going to be identified by a URL, and because of that, the name "Physical Web" has been coined to refer to that environment.

Although the Physical Web could seem similar to the traditional web we are used to, there are key differences, for instance, the way to discover physical devices should pay more attention to user context than in the traditional web (where search engines don't need much information about the context to provide relevant results).

Project Magnet is trying to address those differences and at the same time providing an experience that is fully customisable and in control of the end-user.

Communication channels

You can keep an eye on our progress at our Wiki

You can join our IRC channel where we will be more than happy to answer your questions and hear your ideas: irc://

You can post messages in discourse in case you want to start an offline discussion: project-magnet

Source code

Magnet comprises mostly two modules, both of them are open-source and available on GitHub:

How can I contribute?

  1. By testing Magnet and providing us feedback. More information in our Testing Magnet wiki page.
  2. Contributing to the Magnet open source project. Learn how do it in our Building Magnet wiki page.

Do I need anything special to use Magnet?

Magnet is intended to discover Physical Web objects, which are also known as beacons. There are many providers of beacons but if you don't want to buy any, you can simply configure your laptop to emulate a beacon. You can check all the info about this at the Beacons web page.