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Android Components > Browser > Menu

A generic menu with customizable items primarily for browser toolbars.


Setting up the dependency

Use Gradle to download the library from (Setup repository):

implementation "org.mozilla.components:browser-menu:{latest-version}"


Sample code can be found in Sample Toolbar app.

There are multiple properties that you customize of the menu browser by just adding them into your dimens.xml file.

<resources xmlns:tools="">

   <!--Change how rounded the corners of the menu should be-->
    <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_corner_radius" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">4dp</dimen>

    <!--Change how much shadow the menu should have-->
    <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_elevation" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">4dp</dimen>

    <!--Change the width of the menu-->
    <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_width" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">250dp</dimen>

    <!--Change the top and bottom padding of the menu-->
    <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_padding_vertical" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">8dp</dimen>




To customize the divider you could use a 1. Quick customization or a 2. Full customization:

  1. If you just want to change the height of the divider, add this item your dimes.xml file, and your prefer height size.
    <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_item_divider_height" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">YOUR_HEIGHT</dimen>
  1. For full customization, override the default style of the divider by adding this style item in your style.xml file, and customize to your liking.
        <style name="Mozac.Browser.Menu.Item.Divider.Horizontal" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">
            <item name="android:background">YOUR_BACKGROUND</item>
            <item name="android:layout_width">match_parent</item>
            <item name="android:layout_height">YOUR_HEIGHT</item>


       label = "Share",
       imageResource = R.drawable.mozac_ic_share,
       iconTintColorResource = R.color.photonBlue90
    ) {
        Toast.makeText(applicationContext, "Share", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

To customize the menu you could use separate properties 1 or full access to the style of the menu 2:

  1. If you just want to change a specify property, just add one these dimen items to your dimes.xml file.
    <!--Menu Item -->
       <!--Change the text_size for ALL menu items NOT only for the BrowserMenuImageText -->
        <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_item_text_size" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">16sp</dimen>
    <!--Menu Item -->

       <!--Change the icon's width-->
        <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_item_image_text_icon_width" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">24dp</dimen> <!--Default value-->

       <!--Change the icon's height-->
        <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_item_image_text_icon_height" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">24dp</dimen> <!--Default value-->


           <!--Change the separation between the label and the icon-->
            <dimen name="mozac_browser_menu_item_image_text_label_padding_start" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">20dp</dimen> <!--Default value-->

  1. For full customization, override the default style of menu by adding this style item in your style.xml file, and customize to your liking.
    <!--Change the appearance of all text menu items-->
    <style name="Mozac.Browser.Menu.Item.Text" parent="@android:style/TextAppearance.Material.Menu" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">
        <item name="android:background">?android:attr/selectableItemBackground</item>
        <item name="android:textSize">@dimen/mozac_browser_menu_item_text_size</item>
        <item name="android:ellipsize">end</item>
        <item name="android:lines">1</item>
        <item name="android:focusable">true</item>
        <item name="android:clickable">true</item>

    <style name="Mozac.Browser.Menu.Item.ImageText.Icon" parent="" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">
        <item name="android:layout_width">@dimen/mozac_browser_menu_item_image_text_icon_width</item>
        <item name="android:layout_height">@dimen/mozac_browser_menu_item_image_text_icon_height</item>

    <style name="Mozac.Browser.Menu.Item.ImageText.Label" parent="Mozac.Browser.Menu.Item.Text" tools:ignore="UnusedResources">
        <item name="android:layout_width">wrap_content</item>
        <item name="android:layout_height">wrap_content</item>
        <item name="android:paddingStart">@dimen/mozac_browser_menu_item_image_text_label_padding_start</item>


This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at
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