@liuche liuche released this Nov 21, 2018

Assets 3

Releasing to all Fire TV devices.


  • Ability to request desktop version of the current site


  • Hide Pocket video tile on non-EN locales
    • Pocket does not yet provide content for other languages
  • Sentry crash reports include a UUID to distinguish users so we can determine if it's 1 user crashing 100 times or 100 users crashing 1 time each. This identifier is only used for Sentry and can not be correlated with telemetry interaction data. See fire TV Sentry docs for more details. (#817)
  • Pocket videos now display the author of the video instead of the platform


  • Blank screen when pressing back from a full-screened video
  • Infrequent crash caused by initialization logic (#1159)
  • On a fresh install, focus would once skip past the Pocket megatile
  • A crash that could occur when backing out of the Pocket screen
  • DRM content not playing: this is now supported for some DRM videos
  • Fixed bug where clearing data would not clear state from the current session
  • Some web fonts were blocked which caused icons to be missing