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[INACTIVE] A search and discovery app for the "here & now". We're experimenting with ideas on mobile that can better surface content from the open web.


This repo sticks around for reference purposes and for those who wish to learn from our experiment. If you're trying to compile the project, please see the wiki.



Install CocoaPods. If you already have CocoaPods installed, run the same command to update:

# If you have Ruby installed via Homebrew - Strongly preferred since it requires no root access
gem install cocoapods 

# If you are using the macOS provided Ruby (not recommended)
sudo gem install cocoapods

If it has been a while since you last updated CocoaPods, you may want to update your pods spec repo (this can take some time):

pod repo update

Install Pods:

pod install

Open the workspace. You will need to use the workspace to do development from now on. Attempting to compile the .xcodeproj by itself will result in compilation failures:

open Prox.xcworkspace

Services and API keys

For a successful build, you need the Prox/Prox/GoogleService-Info.plist and Prox/Prox/APIKeys.plist files, which contain secure information to connect to Firebase, our backend services, and APIs. Please do not add this file to version control.

If you are a team member, this file is available in the Engineering gdrive. If you are not, please contact a team member directly to discuss receiving this file for development.