A spontaneous travel app that collects events and points of interest from the best of the web.
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Install Cocoapods. If you already have Cocoapods installed, run the same command to update:

sudo gem install cocoapods

If it has been a while since you last updated Cocoapods, you may want to update your pods spec repo (this can take some time):

pod repo update

Install Pods:

pod install

Open the workspace. You will need to use the workspace to do development from now on. Attempting to compile the .xcodeproj by itself will result in compilation failures:

open Prox.xcworkspace

Services and API keys

For a successful build, you need the Prox/Prox/GoogleService-Info.plist and Prox/Prox/APIKeys.plist files, which contain secure information to connect to Firebase, our backend services, and APIs. Please do not add this file to version control.

If you are a team member, this file is available in the Engineering gdrive. If you are not, please contact a team member directly to discuss receiving this file for development.