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Contributing to Mozilla Mobile's Android projects

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to one of Mozilla's Android projects! 🔥 🦊 <3 🤖! 🎉 👍 For a full list of projects, see the README.

Before contributing, please review our Community Participation Guidelines.

We welcome all types of contributions, including, but not limited to:

Have another idea for how you can contribute? Let us know!


For each our projects, we communicate with the project's:

  • Issues tracker
  • Mailing list
  • Matrix Fenix channel. We're available Monday-Friday during GMT and PST working hours.

Be sure to join them and don't be afraid to make postings of your own! A link to each project-specific communication channel can be found in the project's README.

Filing issues

We usually track our project's issues on GitHub (example: focus-android). To file a bug:

  • Find your project's issues: these will be linked from the project's README or you can click directly into the issues from the project's home page
  • Create a new issue!

To ensure we can understand, reproduce, and effectively triage your issues, please fill out the provided template when filing an issue! When issues are filed in a consistent style and include the information we need to make decisions, we're more likely to take action on these issues than if we don't understand them.

Be sure to include any extra information you find valuable! For example, posting your user agent can help us debug problems.

Translating our apps

User experience design

Get in touch with one of our designers (@brampitoyo or @aminalhazwani) or other core team members to get involved! With a limited number of engineers, we can't implement every design so we want to make sure any design work you do will make it into our products.

Writing documentation

Product support documentation

Each Mozilla product provides in-app support. This documentation can be found on If you wish to contribute, please contact a core team member to get started.

Developer/repository documentation

See an issue with our documentation, either in a project's repository or this shared-docs repository? Please file an issue or create a pull request to fix it yourself!

Testing the app

  • Download one of our products and look for issues. Some products have pre-release Beta builds: check out their READMEs to download them!
  • File new issues for all bugs you encounter. Make sure that an issue isn't filed already (via the search).
  • Make sure that your bug report follows the provided template
  • Try to reproduce issues reported by others and add additional or missing information to the bug reports.

Writing code