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Scriptworker-scripts Readme

This is the official mono repo containing all the scriptworker *scripts. As to November 2019, we have migrated all the workers, across all trees, to Kubernetes and Google Compute Cloud. Tagging along, we have also migrated all the individual scripts under the same roof in order to single source the shared configurations.

In a nutshell, we now user Docker-based scriptworkers scripts that perform various pieces of our automation. In order for deploying, we no longer rely on hiera or puppet but on Docker and SOPS.

The comprehensive list of workers that we have available is listed below. They are split in two large environments within the GCP: releng-nonprod and releng-prod.

The former holds all the dev workers. These are handy to use before submitting a PR or deployment to production in order to test things out. The environment holds rules for netflows as well in order to access the dev instances of our external resources.

The latter, releng-prod withhold two sets of workers. The level-3 workers which are the production ones. We use these workers to ship the real, production-ready releases, across our different products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox for mobile related suite, etc). In the same environment we also have the level-1 workers which are used for staging releases. They co-exist here so that they are closer to production as possible.

Full documentation is available at

Overview of existing workers

Note: this is not a comprehensive list. We have added more scripts, more trust domains, and more pools since this list was compiled. The authoritative place to look for currently deployed scriptworkers is in, in the ScriptWorkerTypes section. Dev scriptworkers can be found in


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-addon-dev addon-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-addon addon-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-addon addon-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-balrog-dev balrog-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-balrog balrog-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-balrog balrog-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
comm-3-balrog balrog-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-3
comm-1-balrog balrog-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-beetmover-dev beetmover-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
comm-3-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-3
appservices-3-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-applicationservices-3
appservices-1-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-applicationservices-1
mobile-3-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-3
mobile-1-beetmover beetmover-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-1


Worker type Deployment name
mobile-3-bitrise bitrise-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-3
mobile-1-bitrise bitrise-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-bouncer-dev bouncer-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-bouncer bouncer-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-bouncer bouncer-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
comm-3-bouncer bouncer-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-3


Worker type Deployment name
mobile-3-pushapk pushapk-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-3
mobile-1-pushapk pushapk-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-1
mozillavpn-1-pushapk pushapk-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mozillavpn-1
mozillavpn-1-pushapk-dev pushapk-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mozillavpn-1
mozillavpn-3-pushapk pushapk-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mozillavpn-3


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-pushflat-dev pushflat-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-pushflat pushflat-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-pushflat pushflat-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-pushmsix-dev pushmsix-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-pushmsix pushmsix-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-pushmsix pushmsix-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-shipit-dev shipit-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-shipit shipit-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-shipit shipit-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
comm-3-shipit shipit-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-3
comm-1-shipit shipit-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-shipit-dev shipit-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-t-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-t
mobile-3-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-3
mobile-t-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-t-1
mobile-t-signing-dev signing-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-mobile-t-1
comm-3-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-3
comm-t-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-t
appservices-3-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-applicationservices-3
appservices-t-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-applicationservices-t
xpi-3-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-xpi-3-1
xpi-t-signing signing-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-xpi-t
xpi-t-signing-dev signing-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-xpi-t-1


Worker type Deployment name
gecko-1-tree-dev tree-dev-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
gecko-3-tree tree-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-3
gecko-1-tree tree-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-gecko-1
comm-3-tree tree-prod-relengworker-firefoxci-comm-3

Update python dependencies

# from scriptworker-scripts/ ; this will run docker for py38 and py39
# for all *scripts to update all the dependencies via `pip-compile-multi`
$ maintenance/

Testing code changes

Each directory is a different tool with different testing needs.

When updating the entire set of tools here are a few steps that could help:

  • push changes to dev branch (if a single tool, use dev-<tool>), wait for deployment in #releng-notifications in Slack
    • git push --dry-run upstream <my_pr_branch>:dev
  • do a staging release of an xpi manifest (covers github script, signingscript, shipitscript)
    • add a change like this to staging-xpi-manifest
    • wait for it to be deployed
    • Go to ShipIt staging and create a new XPI Release, selecting staging-xpi-public
    • Once started, go to xpi releases and build, promote, ship (need signatures for this) - ensure all jobs complete
    • Make sure to revert changes to any repos
  • do a try push using -dev instances running select jobs (covers winsign, beetmoverscript, balrogscript)
    • change taskcluster/ci/config.yml to edit the staging machine types:
      • beetmover::staging: '{trust-domain}-1-beetmover' -> '{trust-domain}-1-beetmover-dev'
      • linux-depsigning::worker-type: '{trust-domain}-t-signing' -> '{trust-domain}-t-signing-dev'
      • mac-depsigning::worker-type: 'depsigning-mac-v1' -> 'depsigning-mac-v1-dev' (NOTE: we don't test this)
      • mac-notorization-poller::worker-type: 'mac-notarization-poller' -> 'mac-notarization-poller-dev' (NOTE: we don't test this)
      • mac-signing::staging: 'depsigning-mac-v1' -> 'depsigning-mac-v1-dev' (NOTE: we don't test this)
      • tree::staging: '{trust-domain}-1-tree' -> '{trust-domain}-1-tree-dev'
      • Then run ./mach try fuzzy --full and select build-signing, release-balrog, balrog-en-CA, beetmover jobs. This will select hundreds of jobs (mostly language repacks), but will get a lot of coverage
  • For all of these (just 1 language pack), examine the logs to ensure using the -dev workers and that there are no red flags (like an error that doesn't cause the job to fail)