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Autograph is a cryptographic signature service that implements Content-Signature, XPI Signing for Firefox web extensions, MAR Signing for Firefox updates, APK Signing for Android, GPG2 and RSA.

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Why is it called "autograph"? Because it's a service to sign stuff.


Using Docker

docker pull mozilla/autograph && docker run mozilla/autograph

This will download the latest build of autograph from DockerHub and run it with its dev configuration.

Using go get

If you don't yet have a GOPATH, export one:

$ export GOPATH=$HOME/go
$ mkdir $GOPATH

Install ltdl:

  • on Ubuntu: ltdl-dev
  • on RHEL/Fedora/Arch: libtool-ltdl-devel
  • on MacOS: libtool (NB: this might require brew unlink libtool && brew link libtool)

Then download and build autograph:

$ go get

The resulting binary will be placed in $GOPATH/bin/autograph. To run autograph with the example conf, do:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ $GOPATH/bin/autograph -c autograph.yaml

Example clients are in the tools directory. You can install the Go one like this:

$ go get
$ $GOPATH/bin/autograph-client -u alice -p fs5wgcer9qj819kfptdlp8gm227ewxnzvsuj9ztycsx08hfhzu -t http://localhost:8000/sign/data -r '[{"input": "Y2FyaWJvdW1hdXJpY2UK"}]'
2016/08/23 17:25:55 signature 0 pass




Autograph exposes a REST API that services can query to request signature of their data. Autograph knows which key should be used to sign the data of a service based on the service's authentication token. Access control and rate limiting are performed at that layer as well.