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restful services for pyramid
Latest commit 3975c49 @almet almet Merge pull request #348 from peletiah/master
Incorrect attribute 'validator' replaced with 'validators'
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cornice Merge pull request #341 from squidsoup/wip-validator-string-parsing
docs Incorrect attribute 'validator' replaced with 'validators'
examples/messaging small improvements to the documentation
.gitignore Revert undesirable changes.
.gitmodules use the mozilla sphinx theme
.travis.yml remove redis from travis
CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.3.0
CONTRIBUTORS.txt adding me to contributors
LICENSE Add the LICENSE file Add missing file to the MANIFEST
README.rst buildoutify
buildout.cfg fix #212, using zc.recipe.egg to play well with zc.buildout >= 2
setup.cfg Add setup config for Zest.releaser Back to development: 1.3.0
tox.ini Flake8 pass.


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